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What Clients are Saying

      Heather has the most incredible gift, that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from. She shares this gift with an abundance of generosity and always from a place of love. After a grave illness, she made me realize I had much healing to do internally, and under her care she helped place me on a path to wholeness. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. 
Stacy L.

      I have seen Heather on four separate occasions over the past 10+ years. During these years, I have had some challenging times and needed clarity, vision, and healing. I had numerous questions that were bothering me and needed answers. Heather gave me readings without any judgement. She guided me on the right path and moving in the right direction. THANK YOU HEATHER, you have helped me so much and I can't thank you enough!


      I have seen Heather twice. The first was a medium reading. There were 3 people that wanted to talk to me. One was my son who died a year ago. It was amazing. It made me feel so much better to actually be able to talk to him! The second time was a healing session. My son tagged along for that too! The healing session was wonderful and so helpful.  I will continue to see her. I can't recommend her enough. Not only is she incredibly gifted, she is just an overall beautiful person. 

-Elaine Gans 


       I had a phone session with Heather and it was amazing.  I didn't have a specific focus so she did a reading and some healing on stuff that came up.  Right from the beginning she started describing exactly what's going on for me in my life right now and describing me to a tee.  Then after doing some clearing and healing, she started describing a vision she saw for me once I heal this old stuff.  The amazing thing is the vision she described was exactly what I had dreamed of as I was going through school.  I had almost forgotten the vision myself since my career had taken a different direction, but it was still there waiting for me and Heather brought me back.
      Not only is she so accurate, she's so kind and encouraging.  And fun!  

​-Jill B. 


​       My hero. This woman is my everything. I honestly don't know how I could ever survive without her. I met Heather over 3 years ago, VERY randomly, but I now know it was an act of God. I had the most life changing, spiritual, overwheleming and healing session with her the day I met her. The next day I quit my job and have successfully been consulting ever since. 
      Heather has helped me more than any therapist, any AA meeting, any Sunday at Church, any friend, family or spouse. Heather has a way of helping you realize what you already know but that's hidden deep within our fears, scars and ideals. She's taught me the answers are within. And she guides me to those answers, makes me a better me, makes me believe in me. 

      I have continued to have a session with her every month since we met over 3 years ago. I am the strong, independent woman and mother I am today, because of her. Not only have I found healing from her but so many of my friends and family are addicts too. She is simply unbelievable. I've worked on many things with her during our sessions. Some health related, work related, mother related, questions on my future, how to heal emotional wounds, talked to love ones who have passed, been guided on where to move and how to do it, finanical success and freedom. She has been here for it all, and has only ever been out of this world amazing. 
      If you're looking and overwhelmed with whom to reach out to but looking for answers, call her! I promise you, on my sons life, that you won't regret it and your life will become much brighter, much clearer and much lighter.

-Isabelle M. San Francisco


      The choice to go to a psychic for some may be pushing at the "Woo" sensibility--it does for this Midwesterner!  I had an instinct that it was important to talk with her as a next step in a healing process I am in. And it was a spot on decision. Heather offers that  balance of warm and loving yet direct and clear. It was very comforting and containing and I feel she offered awareness and insight with little to no prompting from me. She left me with a good direction of things to continue to grow and build and get more in focus. We did a reading and some healing exercises and both were very helpful. I will definitely be meeting with her again... 

-Jessie Rose 


      Heather is a God-send! Everything I needed and didn't even know I wanted-- she provided as a healer in this one deep-healing hour (session) of my life. I can't thank her enough. She really is all the amazing things that our others have mentioned, if not infinitely more. When Heather listed that she's a psychic, I believe it... because she knew things not one other soul would have known. And, at the very minimum.... Heather tapped into all the parts of my broken spirit and heart and renewed me and helped me find my most inner connection to my greatest force in life, which is God. I am thankful that God and the Universe led me towards Heather Swift Solutions. She is a great spiritual support and life coach. I recommend her whole-heartedly and I can't wait to see what more sessions could bring. 

-Nora S. 

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