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Finding YOU After Narcissistic Abuse

Updated: Oct 31

Hello loves!

I have been learning so much about narcissists. And the one thing I see now.. finally after a lifetime is that I have been unable to see the truth. And this is the truth I want YOU to know as well.

When you think “But (they) are all I have.” I want you to take your beautiful self to a mirror and look into your eyes. Stare into your eyes. And become aware of the truth that YOU are “all” that you have and that is amazing. You are amazing. You are enough. Yes I am sure of it. YES YOU!

If you want to become free of the nightmare your past trauma has created the only way out is through loving yourself completely.

Hell what if you simply obsessed on you as much as you did/do them? That alone would shift your entire life.

And the other thing is this … when we have been abandoned, unwanted by our “families” we want to be loved and accepted. But we find the family in other bodies until we heal our hurts.

We have confused 2 very separate issues.

First our childhood happened. Maybe even in all of our relationships. That is one issue for us to learn about and love and heal ourselves through.

Second we are being hurt and abused right now as adults. This is now and demands of us to stand up and say enough of THIS HERE and NOW.

These two, although related, are not connected. We are protecting the wounded child wanting the abuse to stop. And trying to manage and think our way out of this now. Heal your wounded heart and being. AND stand up and say NO MORE!

Stop trying to understand the why of the unacceptable. That is the noose hanging you up. The more you struggle the tighter it gets. Stop struggling and look inside of you. See the good in you.

The energy on all levels you have been giving to them is for you. Turn it in on you. Yeah I do know how hard that is. And you have struggled enough. So change your drug of choice to you.

You are what you have. You came into your body in this life alone and it is you who can decide what you want. Ask God , your angels, the universe, loving energy to help you refocus and heal.

Faith over fear my friend. Fear is a lie we have been taught to live. The truth is that you are here in this life for a reason. Your light is needed and when you begin to be in your own light it will shine out of you as well.

This starts as a decision to shift your life. And that is the fuel you need to do it.

YOU are what you have and that is amazing. Learn about you like you are the secret to life. Because you are. You can do this.

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