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Life is Simple...

Updated: Oct 31

We live in some crazy times. Am I right?! Honestly though, many generations have been saying the same thing. The truth is that times change and change can be very disorienting. And who likes to feel off their safe center? Our human nature wants peace, safety and happiness. So how can we be the peace we seek in these weird and troubled times?

We can start by turning inward. Everything we seek resides within us. We come ( I believe) into this life fully equipped to handle anything we experience.

​The problem is that we are inundated with one distraction after another starting at birth. And we are taught to fear everything. To question nothing to just suck it up buttercup. My favorite example is when a child is being bullied by a teacher or another kid. And they are told.... Life is hard there will be lots of bullies along the way. You will have to learn to deal with them. UMMMMM NO! We are sacred beings. And as such it is our divine mission to honor ourselves first. To speak OUR truth. To live OUR knowing. To live in peace with OURSELVES.

When we are given the space to be exactly who we are we learn to just be. We are not concerned with being accepted by anyone else. Yes! This is truth. And when we accept ourselves we live a life of peace and get to doing what we are here to do. Looking to others for approval is a trauma response brought on by folks who are living in a state of reaction from their trauma.

​When I look at all the crap going on in the world of people fighting over what others believe I am truly annoyed. No one has to agree with you, who you are or what choices you make. Yeah! No one! And the exploitation of those who are living in a state of unhealed trauma is evil. Maybe even maniacal. It is just unhappy people trying to separate everyone. To create true hatred. And I do not believe we are born with even an ounce of malice for anyone or anything. So this is all taught.

​This is all to bring about the point that if you choose peace it must be found within yourself. When you find yourself out of control, fearful, confused and many other states... turn inward. Life is simple but we are driven to look outward for answers.

So ... Beautiful souls take a deep breath. Slowly in and slowly out. Notice your heartbeat. Allow all the thoughts to just flow. Just notice them for a moment. Then bring your attention to your stomach area. As if you are inside of your body. Breathe in love. Breathe out anything that is not love. Just have the intention. Do not worry about what it is. Breathe in Peace. Breathe out all else. ​What do you notice after a few moments? Maybe journal it. Set a timer for a couple of short bouts of time during the day and do this. It only takes a couple of minutes. Begin to see how you can step away for a few moments when the drama and trauma of life is full blast. This is a wonderful tool to center and just be.

You can do this.

lone bonsai in the water

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