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Believe What YOU Know to be Truth

Everyone has a story to tell. "News" outlets, people, places and things. They are yet one more distraction from the God within you. Or the wise being that you are. I know I have had enough of the bullshit. I do whatever I can to not watch, listen to or read any of the fear mongering "news". Be clear... I have very clear knowledge of what is going on. And I stand by that with every fiber of my being. But that is mine. That is about what I know. It is not my job to convince or dissuade anyone else from what they know to be truth. You know what is truth for you as well.

So let's get to what I am saying here. If what you hear, see, read or watch makes your gut pucker... stop being available to any of it. It is meant to keep you in the circle of confusion.  I also encourage you to sit in your heart, quietly and ask yourself why anyone would do that? What do they get for that? How much of your precious life force energy are you wasting being distracted? Just sit with that. Feel whatever comes up. Just notice. Notice as if you are watching a movie you need to understand for a class. 

​Fear is pure evil. And anyone who is spreading fear is acting from evil.

We have choices as to what we put in our body. Whether it be food, thoughts, words, beliefs of others... And I am encouraging you to be very aware of what you are ingesting. DO NOT get manic about this. Your intention to be aware will begin the healing. When you become aware your amazing light of a soul will begin to show you. It will come in the form of a feeling of unrest, fear, anxiousness, puckering in your gut, and whatever form you feel when you are being offered poison in the form of thought. 

A great way is to start you day off by just noticing your body. Notice your breath.  Notice who is around you. Go within. Just get quiet and notice what is happening. Allow your mind to chatter on and just pay attention. Ask God for help you to discern with ease moving forward. Then go look at the sun.. well not at the sun but allow the daylight to wake you. Be very conscious of your day. Be so present that nothing passes you by without being noticed. 

​When you live from presence you can begin to see a shift in your life. The shift you have been wanting but thought might never happen as you have been being inundated with fearful crap coming from every direction. 

​You can do this. 

​Life is Simple. 

We live in some crazy times. Am I right?! Honestly though, many generations have been saying the same thing. The truth is that times change and change can be very disorienting. And who likes to feel off their safe center? Our human nature wants peace, safety and happiness. So how can we be the peace we seek in these weird and troubled times? 

We can start by turning inward. Everything we seek resides within us. We come ( I believe) into this life fully equipped to handle anything we experience. 

​The problem is that we are inundated with one distraction after another starting at birth. And we are taught to fear everything. To question nothing to just suck it up buttercup. My favorite example is when a child is being bullied by a teacher or another kid. And they are told.... Life is hard there will be lots of bullies along the way. You will have to learn to deal with them. UMMMMM NO! We are sacred beings. And as such it is our divine mission to honor ourselves first. To speak OUR truth. To live OUR knowing. To live in peace with OURSELVES. 

When we are given the space to be exactly who we are we learn to just be. We are not concerned with being accepted by anyone else. Yes! This is truth. And when we accept ourselves we live a life of peace and get to doing what we are here to do. Looking to others for approval is a trauma response brought on by folks who are living in a state of reaction from their trauma. 

​When I look at all the crap going on in the world of people fighting over what others believe I am truly annoyed. No one has to agree with you, who you are or what choices you make. Yeah! No one! And the exploitation of those who are living in a state of unhealed trauma is evil. Maybe even maniacal. It is just unhappy people trying to separate everyone. To create true hatred. And I do not believe we are born with even an ounce of malice for anyone or anything. So this is all taught. 

​This is all to bring about the point that if you choose peace it must be found within yourself. When you find yourself out of control, fearful, confused and many other states... turn inward. It really is simple but we are driven to look outward for answers.

So ... Beautiful souls take a deep breath. Slowly in and slowly out. Notice your heartbeat. Allow all the thoughts to just flow. Just notice them for a moment. Then bring your attention to your stomach area. As if you are inside of your body. Breathe in love. Breathe out anything that is not love. Just have the intention. Do not worry about what it is. Breathe in Peace. Breathe out all else. 
​What do you notice after a few moments? Maybe journal it. Set a timer for a couple of short bouts of time during the day and do this. It only takes a couple of minutes. Begin to see how you can step away for a few moments when the drama and trauma of life is full blast. 
This is a wonderful tool to center and just be. 

You can do this. 

Losing a Child is Hideous and .....

I had a fear of losing a child my whole life. I think I knew. Many others have said they had a knowing but they called it fear. I had a special place in my heart for those who had lost children. I even had a little group of Mama's who had lost children at my office. I love them because they all rallied around me when my son left. I remember saying often I would be in the club one day. 

But honestly nothing prepared me for the pain of having my son go on before me. I remember saying it is like I am birthing him back to God. The pain is like a million labor pains at once. Holy shit it hurt so bad. The grief is physical as well as what we would expect from grief. It knocked me on my ass. I lost my mind. Quite literally for a couple of years. 

Our minds are not prepared for that. Yet it protects us from taking it all in at once. 

I am going to talk about a perspective I have about life, our journey here and people coming and going. Do not get me wrong I miss my son so much there are no words. And in the moments when the fog clears and I know it is real I am flattened.. But I know that his life was exactly as it was meant to be. 

What I have learned from many souls who have moved on is that we each come here for OUR journey. We go from birth to "death" and many people cross our paths. They are not ours. Even our children ore not ours. They have a path unique to them. The problem is the we assume that our children are ours and that their journey will go on past ours. We miss out on so much assuming that tomorrow will come. We take for granted that they will always be here. There are no promises. The souls of our children have a path, journey and a life of their own. It is not about us. It is simply their life. 

For me my son told me when he was little he was not going to be here long. He was 3 or 4 when he said it. I remember saying you better be here you little shit. There was more to that conversation but it all flooded in when he left. I have had this inner struggle, so to speak, with what I know about soul journeys and life and what I want as a human being and mother to a child I loved more than myself. 

I call them short timers. Short timers LIVE. And Sammy LIVED. He was feisty, kind, ferocious, funny, crazy, unapologetic and he loved from the depths of his being. He knew he only had so much time and he did what he chose. I know others have a hard time with that but it is truth for me and him for that matter. 

Back to short timers. All of the people who I know that have had their children go on before them experienced the same. They were blessed with this wonderful bright light of a being who lived life with a purpose. They were caring and kind. A gift that none of us would trade even knowing they would not stay long. The depths of pain are exactly the depths of the love they brought to our lives. 

Don't get me wrong .. all of my children are amazing gifts I could not have imagined they would be. And they say the same. 

I remember that I felt so whole when I carried him in my belly. And I knew instantly even though he was a huge surprise that I was pregnant. There is just something about them. They are like the young rattle snake. They know nothing but giving it all. And they never seem to take on the boundaries the rest of us succumb to. 

Yes losing my son or should I say having for much less time than I would like was hideous. And I was blessed with 26 years of amazingness. We need to remember that nothing is promised. That today is all there is. And to enjoy and savor every gift. And to do what is meaningful to us. Life is short in truth. So live as if this is your last moment, meal, day etc. So if someone goes on before you there will be amazing memories to balance the pain. 

And above all know that it is the wish of all of them that we live as we would want them to if we left first. 

We can do this. 

​Narcissist or Miserable Asshole

​I will tell you... I find that calling someone a narcissist is excusing their behavior. I know my ideas are hard to reconcile for many. But the reason we are trapped is because we keep trying to figure out "why". Why are they doing this to me? Behaving this way? What is wrong with me? What did I do to deserve this? 

It is not about them it is about you. Ask yourself why am I in this situation? What is wrong with THEM!? What has happened in my life that I could even allow this to be in my space. NOT in a blaming way. In a curious way. Because when you are able to see what makes you vulnerable to this type of person you can begin to find freedom. And it always starts within you. When that shift happens inside of you... there will be nowhere to connect with a miserable abusive asshole. 

Yeah! I am done sugar coating turds. And I am done watching it happen to too many people. We cannot "fight" what finds us. Mostly because the demon is within us. More often than not it is a way we had to live to survive the assholes in our childhood. This whole thing of saying "well they were victims once too." Yeah NO! it is never about what happened it is about what is done with what happened. When we make excuses for people inflicting their trauma on others we are excusing abuse. And that is, to me, one more way we are controlled and forced to conform to things that crush us. 

If we are to get up and BE we must look at what has formed our beliefs about life. I am NOT talking about years of therapy. I am talking about a deep dive and inventory of what we were taught. By looking at the behavior of our "care takers", how we felt as children, (particularly around certain people), how we feel around our "family". We must notice why we think and feel about ourselves and life as we do. 

​Then and only then can we begin to shift so much to a place of self love on every level that ass holes no longer even notice us. I am not saying do not use every tool available to help you. Including therapy. I am saying be clear on your intention to see it all and become free.

​It is magical. I never understood when people would say it is about you. Mostly because it was not said in a loving way towards me. It was one more way to make me responsible for the unacceptable behavior of others. But it is clear now. Everything starts within us. And that is such a wonderful realization. Because we can begin to allow love, peace, joy and goodness to come into our existence. 

I encourage you to begin to call out, even if only for yourself to see, unacceptable behavior around you. More like notice it and become aware. And realize that we are snared by the thought of asking why they are being as they are. They are choosing it. No excuses. No matter what happened to them they choose their behavior. And you can too. 

Take a moment to see a speck of love in your heart for yourself. And if you found this article you love yourself because you are searching for better for yourself. Breathe into the speck of love. And as you breathe out notice it expanding. Then as you breathe out and it expands notice it fills your body. And coats your body. Notice that there is only room for love in this moment. Do this as often as you need. And know that it takes only a moment. If you do not feel it pretend until you do. 

This ain't rocket science my friend. So just do it quickly and repeat as you can. Trust your higher self to do what you need. Allow your mind to think while you focus on love being. 

​You can do this.