Heather is a natural born Intuitive Psychic Medium, Empath and Intuitive Healer. She has spent her life learning to share her gifts from a clear space within.  She has a special passion for those who survived the foster "care" system and parents whose children have gone home before them. Heather has a special gift working to help others with grief. Being a medium has allowed her to understand that our loved ones who have gone on before us want us to be happy and free.

She is married to her soul mate for 29 years, the mother of 6, Mimi of 3, and has horses, a mini donkey, chickens, cows, dogs, cats, and a bird. She lives on 20 acres. Having had more than her fair share of grief and trauma has given Heather the opportunity to truly understand the suffering we deal with. 

Heather Healing

Heather's Biography

She is back after taking a 12-month grief sabbatical in 2021. Her son's wife Evelyn took her life in December of 2020 and her son Samson followed in January of 2021.Having worked with so many who had children go on before them gives her a perspective that makes living with his going on ahead in a conscious way possible. 

​Heather is blessed with being able to hear, see, and feel Samson and Evelyn. And is determined to do what they encourage her often to do. To truly LIVE! To enjoy the many things in life we are not afforded when we leave our human bodies. She believes that life is for the living and that is what we must do. That being said, she is committed to being with whatever emotions show up. That includes siting with her grief and feeling all of it in real time. 

She is here to hold the space for others to face what is challenging them and rekindle their spark for LIFE! How we choose to see and deal with what we are dealt is up to us. We can put on a mumu and feel sorry for ourselves OR say "Holy shit! This really hurts. How can I live?!". We often hear that "God is testing us". This could not be further from the truth. We each have a path. Someone leaving is not about us. It is their path. How blessed were we to have had crossed paths for part of our lives! Perspective!

Heather swift