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Heart Cookies

Heather Swift


I am a natural-born Energy Healer and Medium. Finding the words to help others understand me is a true challenge, so I am doing my best here.

For me, this life is about helping others find the love, peace, joy, and life they came here to live—a calling I've known since childhood. The gifts I was born with are amazing tools to fulfill that purpose.

My life journey has been filled with trauma and loss, starting with being abandoned as an infant. I spent my childhood in foster "care," enduring abuse in every imaginable way, followed by abusive relationships, homelessness, and the most recent traumatic loss—my beautiful son Sammy took his life in January 2021, following his wife Ev, who took her life in December 2020.

Losing Sammy without a doubt snapped my mind and broke my heart. If it weren't for what I know as a Medium, I would never have made it back to sanity.

From Sammy's departure and our conversations, I learned that his journey was destined to be short. While I've always understood that we each have a unique journey, Sammy's ended far too soon for me. I am grateful for the amazing love, life, joy, frustration, fear, and every moment and emotion I experienced with him. I will grieve his loss for the rest of my life while living this life fully to honor the gift he was and still is.

I share all this to let you know one thing: I have learned to hold a sacred space in which my clients can work through, feel, see, know, and heal from what has left a mark on them. I am here for those who are guided to work with me.

Blessed with six amazing children, I enjoyed every moment of raising them. I spend as much time as possible with my children and three grandbabies. Being a Mimi is a joy beyond words.

I find joy in cooking, engaging in deep conversations, gazing at the stars and moon, visiting the beach, and taking road trips—often on my own—across this beautiful country.

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