I was born with the gift of "knowing" things and being able to lay healing hands when others were hurting. It was all automatic. So automatic I did not realize I was doing it. 
My gifts include:    

Clairvoyance: In simple terms I can see things, messages, and pass them on. This can include people, symbols, places, past, present or future events among other things. I get messages and I interpret what I "see".  
Clairaudience: Hearing messages. I can hear voices, sounds, music and many things and try to interpret them. 
Clairsentience: Getting "feelings" in your body. It is a knowing and a sense which I then interpret. 
Clairscent: Getting  "smells" that are not in this space. I have smelled food, cigars, cigarettes and flowers among other things. 
Clairempathy: Feeling what others are feeling.  I have made my children crazy with this one and embarrassed them with their friends. I can feel in my body stomach aches, ear aches, head aches and too many other things to mention. This is how I am able to help my clients in the healing sessions. I feel the things going on within them in my body. I am then able to see what is causing it and help them choose healing. Even though I feel them, the feelings do not stay past the session ever for me. 
Medium: I can speak with, hear, see and feel souls from the other side. I have learned to have great boundaries so I can have peace, but know that they are always looking for a way to communicate their love and messages for us. 
          I know without fail that I was put here to help others to find themselves. Life is a gift we must open and live to the fullest. 
Doing my own work is number one for me as it keeps me clear and ready to hear messages. Because of this I get that it can be hard and know that is all well worth the time and effort. And I can hold the space needed to allow you to find and connect with yourself. 
I am a mother of 6, Mimi to 2, I love to cook, bake, make candy,  garden, walk on the beach, meditate and live life.

Being raised by a fear based foster family made me fearful. But today I walk through my fears and find so much joy in the new experiences. I promise you that you can too. Working with me means you can, if you choose and commit, face your fears, love yourself and begin to live a life of YOUR conscience choosing. 

Intuitive  * Medium 
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