We live in a society where life moves way too fast. Most of us are just trying to get a footing and catch a breath. To make matters worse we are dealing with any unfinished business from our past, mainly our childhood. It, in my opinion, would be foolish to say that we can just move on without ever facing any of "that". This is not to say we must spend endless hours digging into all of "that" stuff from the past. 
What I am really talking about is finding yourself. When we get to the core of who we really are.. then life begins. We can be present, alive, alert and at peace. At peace as in so OK with oneself that nothing outside of us can shake us. Peace has not one thing to do with them, that thing or that situation. Peace is a place we come to within.  I often say, " what would our world be like if everyone was allowed to be exactly who they are from birth? ". 
Since that is not the case in the "real" world it is our job to choose to learn a deep self acceptance. Life is so simple yet we are taught to fear, judge, fight and interfere with it. These are all excellent coping mechanisms until we know. Then we can choose to stay with what we are taught or to say NO that is not me. 
Either way it is so rewarding to say, " I am ready to be myself 100%".  Not only are you worth it but when you choose that you are lighting the way for others.

What working with clients has taught me is that no amount of me wanting it will get it for them. And that a person determined to gain self acceptance cannot be stopped.  The real key I have found is in commitment. Then we can keep that in our hearts and minds. Finding ourselves inevitably creates changes in every area of our lives. 
So if you are looking for true, honest and lasting change then I would love to work with you. Having witnessed over and over the success people find when seeking their truest self I assure you that YOU can find peace. It is work sometimes but it need not take forever. Let us begin with a goal in mind, let go of all else and allow the miracle of you to unfold. 

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